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Wine + Mediterranean Specialties
in the Heart of Mt. Pleasant, DC


Stop in to peruse our Mediterranean-focused wine selection curated by the wonderful Thea Merl. Grab a delicious prepared food from the fridge for a weeknight dinner or an afternoon picnic. Browse our unique selection of specialty Mediterranean food items, including cheeses, cookies, grains, conservas and much more. We make fresh baked breads daily as well as seasonal salads, dips, soups, and sandwiches.

Current hours:

Monday-Friday 12-7pm

Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm

Join us for wine tastings every Friday from 5-7pm!

We currently allow pre-orders for the current week only, but as our items are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients some availability may change. Our online shop has our current offerings, but please feel free to stop by!

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Served Tuesday-Saturday from 12-2:30pm.

Everything is made to order - please call ahead at 202-849-3247 if you're in a hurry!

Tuna Sandwich $13.50

​Spanish flaked tuna, egg, olive, garlic aioli, olives, piquillo peppers, and watercress on durum loaf

Spanish BLT $13.50

Crispy Serrano ham, local tomato, watercress, and garlic aioli on fresh focaccia

Broccolini Melt $13.50

Roasted broccolini with Mahon and Manchego cheeses, white been purée, garlic confit spread, and preserved lemon on focaccia

The Vegan $13.50

Chickpea-roasted garlic dip, local cucumber, vinaigrette, watercress, and piquillo pepper spread on focaccia 

Nido Italian $13.75

Mortadella, Salame, Pecorino, aioli, giardiniera, watercress, tomato, oil + vinegar, and shaved onion on focaccia

Jambon Beurre $13.50

Shaved Prosciutto Cotto, whole-grain whipped mustard butter, cornichon on durum loaf

Rotating Bean + Conserva Salad $15

Daily choice of tinned fish and bean salad with watercress and egg

Slice of Tortilla Española $13

With lentil, walnut, and pepper salad, watercress, aioli and salsa Brava

Rotating Soup of the Day $11

Ask about today's option, served with fresh bread

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Every week, we work with different local friends! Current schedule:

Tuesday: Path Valley Farms

Preorder local CSA boxes, produce, and dairy for pickups from Nido every Tuesday from 4pm-7pm. Preorders are live on our website from 5pm Saturday-10pm Sunday weekly.

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